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teenage bullying

Teenage Bullying and Mental Health

Nothing is so heartbreaking to parents as seeing their child bullied by his or her peers. Today’s bullying on social media reaches far beyond the...
skipping school

My Teen is Skipping School

Having a kid that puts up a fuss about going to school is nothing new for parents. However, the hard reality teens must face is...
when should a teenager see a therapist

When Should a Teenager See a Therapist?

Parents are often surprised when their once agreeable child becomes a surly, moody teenager. A certain amount of emotional strife is normal during the teen...

Dangers of Teens Binge Drinking

The fact that many teens abuse alcohol is not a new development. This age group has always pushed boundaries and experimented with substances. Still, how...
anxiety symptoms in teens

Anxiety Symptoms in Teens

Does your teenager show signs of anxiety? Do you see your son or daughter avoiding social situations and isolating more? Are they more irritable and...

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