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BNI Treatment Centers: Comprehensive Treatment for Anxiety in Teens

When a teen is struggling with anxiety, it can be overwhelming. The symptoms often look different than anxiety in children or adults, necessitating specific treatment for anxiety in teens. If you’re a family looking for a teen anxiety treatment center in Southern California that specializes in anxiety treatment for teens, please contact BNI Treatment Centers. >BNI Treatment Centers offers caring >mental health treatment for teens. Through comprehensive care and support, we hope to enable young people to embrace fulfilling lives. We firmly believe that every teenager deserves the opportunity to thrive, and we are committed to doing everything possible to change their lives for the better. We work to establish a secure and encouraging environment that meets each client’s individual needs by incorporating well-researched methodologies and designing personalized treatment strategies.

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At our mental health treatment center for teens, we understand how difficult this time is for the parents and families of a struggling teen. Our therapeutic and clinical team will provide therapeutic support and guidance for the family unit during the entire process.


Anxiety Disorders in Teens

Anxiety is something everyone experiences from time to time as a stress response. Mild anxiety can even be helpful in certain situations because it alerts us about dangerous situations and helps us prepare for challenges in life. An anxiety disorder is different—it’s defined by excessive anxiety, worry, and fear<. With an anxiety disorder, a person might avoid daily situations because they worry it will worsen their symptoms. School performance and relationships can be affected.
  • To diagnose an anxiety disorder, the fear must be disproportionate to the actual situation and impair a teen’s ability to function normally.
  • Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders, but they are treatable.
  • When a teen deals with anxiety, they’re often most worried about themselves, whereas, in children, these disorders tend to relate more to something bad happening to their parents or loved ones.
  • In a teen, anxiety can look like they’re a perfectionist, or they could be extremely worried about their bodies, appearance, or what people think.
  • It’s possible that a teen with anxiety will have had symptoms for a long time, often since childhood, or anxiety can first occur in the teen years.
With teens, understanding the symptoms of anxiety that may be occurring is challenging. It’s already a tumultuous time, and symptoms may be chalked up to the notoriously difficult teen years. Teens are also very good at hiding their feelings and what they’re going through. A teen with anxiety might start avoiding certain activities or things or become irritable or angry at the people around them. Teens with anxiety are more likely to complain of physical symptoms like headaches or stomach aches. BNI Treatment Centers offers inpatient and outpatient anxiety treatment for teens in safe and comfortable Southern California locations.

Particular types of anxiety disorders can more commonly affect children, teens, and adults, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder: Symptoms include ongoing, excessive levels of worry impacting daily activities negatively. Physical symptoms may also occur, like feeling tired easily or having problems concentrating or sleeping.
  • Panic disorder: Panic attacks include a combination of distressing mental and physical symptoms such as sweating, shortness of breath, a choking sensation, or chest pain.  
  • Phobias: There are a number of specific phobias where a person has persistent, excessive fears of a certain activity, situation, or object.
  • Social anxiety disorder: Once known as social phobia, symptoms include fear of embarrassment or rejection in social situations. It lasts for at least six months and impacts functionality in daily life.

These aren’t all particular anxiety disorders but are the most common among teens.

BNI Treatment Centers offers expert-led teen anxiety therapy in Southern California. Contact our adolescent inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities today to learn more.

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Anxiety Symptoms in Teens

General symptoms of anxiety that may occur in teens include:
  • Ongoing fears about things that are typically part of daily life.
  • Problems with concentration.
  • Extreme sensitivity to criticism.
  • Withdrawing from social activities.
  • Avoiding new situations.
  • Chronic physical complaints.
  • School refusal or a drop in grades.
  • Repeatedly seeking assurance.
  • Irritability.
  • Problems with sleep.>
Untreated anxiety can also raise the risk of substance abuse among teens. A teen with anxiety may turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate, which can become an addiction. Another possible complication is that a teen may develop co-occurring depression and anxiety. These two disorders very often occur together. Treatment should address both conditions to be most effective. BNI Treatment Centers is a leading teen anxiety treatment center in Southern California. Our center is physician-led by experts in psychiatry and addiction.

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    How Is Anxiety Treated?

    Untreated anxiety can diminish a teen’s quality of life, affect their development, and even lead to serious complications like substance abuse and addiction. Anxiety is considered very treatable; however, the earlier treatment is received, the better the outcomes for most teens. A combination of medications and therapy, or therapy alone, may be used to treat anxiety disorders.
    • Medication, sometimes part of a treatment plan, include serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). These are antidepressants, and they are also used to treat anxiety, but they can have side effects, so careful management and monitoring is important.
    • Tricyclic antidepressants are another option, but they’re not used that often.
    • Beta-blockers, buspirone, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) are other anxiety treatments.
    Therapy can be the most important part of an overall treatment plan for anxiety. Counseling and therapy can include psychotherapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy, or a combination of types of therapies. With CBT, a teen would work with their therapist to identify negative thought patterns leading to anxiety symptoms. They also work on limiting distorted thinking and changing how intensely they react to stress. Psychotherapy is talk therapy conducted by a mental health professional who helps clients understand the root causes of their anxiety disorders and develop effective coping strategies. BNI Treatment Centers is a top teen anxiety treatment center in Southern California, offering varying levels of care and academic support.
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    Getting Help For a Teen with Anxiety

    BNI Treatment Center offers personalized treatment plans at our teen anxiety treatment center in Southern California. Treatment can include:
    • Acute stabilization: If a teen is experiencing a crisis, whether psychiatric or substance-related, acute stabilization takes place on a short-term basis in a medical environment.
    • Primary mental health: Our treatment center can provide effective and evidence-based professional treatment when teens struggle with a mental health condition.
    • Behavioral issues: A teen experiencing trouble at home, school, or elsewhere can benefit from behavioral health treatment in a safe, stable environment, as is available at BNI Treatment Centers.
    • Dual diagnosis: Teens with substance use disorders and a co-occurring mental health disorder have a dual diagnosis. Treatment is specialized to deal with both and improve the likelihood of long-term recovery.

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    Levels of care include:
    • Medical detox and acute stabilization
    • Residential treatment
    • Partial hospitalization programs
    • Intensive outpatient programs
    If you’d like to learn more about our teen anxiety treatment center in Southern California, reach out today. We’re dedicated to helping teens with mental health disorders and addiction to thrive in their lives. Learn more about our teen residential treatment center today.
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