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Welcome to BNI Treatment Centers - Dorothy Dr. in Agoura Hills​

What to Expect at our DOROTHY location

Is your teen’s performance dropping in school? Are you constantly fighting with them while they withdraw from all of the friends and activities they once loved? Maybe you smelled alcohol on your teen’s breath when they returned from a friend’s house or found drug paraphernalia in their room. You may instead have a teenager in a state of constant worry and anxiety, or one that’s lethargic and sad most days.

Whatever the situation that has you visiting our site, BNI Treatment Centers’ programming at our Dorothy Drive location addresses teen mental health challenges, behavioral problems, and substance use disorders.  45% of California youth reported experiencing mental health difficulties in 2021, and BNI Treatment Centers offers effective adolescent treatment programming to help them.

Addiction Treatment

At our residential treatment facility in Agoura Hills, we provide a variety of substance use disorder treatments and services. Our psychiatrist-led team works closely with your teen, addressing their specific recovery needs, and working with them every step toward recovery. Several areas we treat include:

When it comes to opioid treatment, our clinically trained psychiatrists are instrumental in recovery outcomes. By staying directly in the treatment process, they address any medication or healthcare needs your teen might encounter.

We take a comprehensive approach to all substance use disorders, and cocaine treatment is no different. From cognitive behavioral therapy with our trained clinicians to medically assisted treatment from our psychiatrists, your teen will receive the care they need.

While less common than some other illicit substances, in 2021 roughly 1% of adolescents reported use of benzodiazepine. At BNI, we offer benzodiazepine treatment.

Generally, the most effective treatments for methamphetamines are behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and contingency management. Our psychiatrist-led team can provide these and any other treatment that may suit your teen’s needs.

The California Department of Education reports that 1-in-6 teens have used prescription medications to get high. Our team offers specific therapy focused on prescription drug treatments, helping your teen toward recovery.

Alcohol Rehab

Research suggests that adolescents who consume alcohol do worse in school, have higher rates of mental health conditions, and even impaired brain function. Finding the right treatment for teen alcohol use is critical. However, full residential rehab isn’t for everyone.

That’s why at our Dorothy location, we offer outpatient services for teens living with alcohol use disorder. Our world-class psychiatrists work closely with your teen, helping them build the tools and resilience they need to complete their recovery journey. Both our PHP and IOP programs help your teen work through their substance use disorder while letting them come home every evening.

If your teen is living with a substance use disorder, please connect with us today at (888)-522-1504, or via our Contact Page.

Dorothy Facility in Agoura Hills

Our Amenities Include:

When you choose BNI Treatment Center your teen can expect:

partial hospitalization services for teens in california

What We Treat

At our Dorothy Drive location in Agoura Hills, we treat adolescents aged 12-17 who are living with mental health, substance use, or behavioral concerns. We offer two major programs:

  • Partial hospitalization programs, which include spending six hours a day, five days a week participating in different methods of therapy at our facility. 
  • Intensive outpatient programs include the same comprehensive care as partial hospitalization programs. Intensive outpatient only requires three hours a day, five days a week of participation. 

Our treatment teams are led and designed by psychiatrists who are well-qualified to treat any psychological condition affecting your teen, including depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, substance use disorder, and more. Your teenager will always receive expert-level care at BNI Treatment Centers. This care is tailored to suit your teen’s needs and is adjusted as they progress, based on their specific needs and recovery goals.

Mental Health Services

At BNI, our clinical psychiatrists lead our teams, working closely with your teen to build a treatment plan that suits their needs. We prioritize getting them the care they need, at every stage of their recovery. We offer treatment for many complex and often co-occurring disorders, both behavioral and psychological. These include:

Anxiety disorders increase the likelihood of self-medication and substance use, and if untreated can reduce recovery outcomes.

Depression is frequently a co-occurring disorder with addiction and is important to address in any recovery program.

Untreated ADHD can increase the risk of substance use, as your teen may turn to self-medication to help focus or reduce their stress.

Effective treatment of mood disorders can help stabilize mood, reducing the risk and triggers of returning to substance use.

Our specialized focus on psychiatric health enables us to both help your teen on the path toward recovery and simultaneously treat any underlying bipolar disorders.

We offer a variety of options for borderline personality treatment, including one of the most effective, dialectical behavioral therapy.

Our science-backed approach teaches your teen the skills they need to recover, and gain control of their behavior and life.

Our treatments for Oppositional Defiant Disorder include talk therapy, alongside work building both social and emotion-regulation skills.

Many teens have self-esteem issues, and our treatment plans focus on helping build your teen’s confidence and sense of self-worth.

If left untreated, compulsive lying can make treatment for substance use difficult or impossible, as the adolescent may lie about their progress or effort in the program.

Traumatic events can trigger substance use and are important to address in any recovery plan.

With technology increasingly present, video game addiction is a concern many parents face, and one our team is equipped to address.

Many teens live with body image issues, and if left unaddressed these can cause problems with any recovery effort.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

When addiction and other mental health disorders occur at the same time, they are known as “co-occurring disorders” or “dual disorder diagnoses”. Recovery becomes much more complex when co-occurring disorders are involved, requiring specialist care to resolve effectively. Anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health conditions don’t only affect your teen emotionally, they can make traditional treatment less effective.

Not all co-occurring disorders require full-time residential care. Our expertise working with teens offers us unique insights into the obstacles they face every day and allows us to provide effective outpatient therapies and treatments. We work tirelessly to treat underlying mental health conditions alongside any substance use disorders.

Teen Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Agoura Hills on Dorothy Drive

Treating substance use disorders in adolescents is an important part of our mission. This includes alcohol and all drug use. We’re well-acquainted with teens’ risk-taking behaviors and their frequent desire to experiment and see what they can get away with. Often, teens experience emotional pain and use substances as a coping mechanism. At BNI Treatment Centers on Dorothy Drive, our therapists and psychiatrists work with youth to address the core issues causing their substance use. This includes mental health treatment, learning new coping skills, rebuilding self-confidence, practicing self-care, improving academics, learning new hobbies, and developing new passions.

Our therapy models include individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy, and family therapy. 

Our Programs

Our Dorothy Drive location offers two primary programs composed of several therapy models: partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP).

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) 

The PHP level of care offers a treatment solution for adolescents who have been living with mental health concerns and need supervision, intensive mental health therapy, and a consistent routine. Our PHP offers support and structure in teens’ lives and their recovery while allowing them to return home to work on their recovery in real-life situations. 

Our PHP requires five days a week at our facility for six hours each day. When a teen is first scheduled at our facility, they will receive a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment and psychiatric evaluation, which will be used to create their treatment plan. The adolescent’s treatment plan will be finalized based on their diagnosis, clinical needs, and personal recovery goals. Your teenager will be assigned a case manager to ensure their treatment plan runs smoothly, and to assist with any necessary adjustments to their plan. Teens will also spend two hours per day working on schoolwork alongside our tutors, who will closely collaborate with their school to keep them on track with their education while in treatment. 

Clients will also attend two individual psychotherapy sessions per week, with options like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, solution-focused therapy, and integrated body psychotherapy. We also know that family is vital to an adolescent’s recovery, so a weekly family therapy session is part of our PHP plan. PHP also includes frequent group therapy, which may involve a DBT group, process group, positive psychology group therapy, or other therapies recommended by our in-house psychiatrists. Clients also have a weekly meeting with our in-house psychiatrist. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program is a step down from PHP in intensity. Our intensive outpatient program takes place in the afternoons and evenings and requires three to five days of participation at three hours per day. This means adolescents can attend school uninterrupted and receive treatment simultaneously.

Teenagers in IOP will receive the same comprehensive treatment as those in PHP, just with a less intensive schedule.

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