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BNI Treatment Centers: Comprehensive Treatment for PTSD in Teens

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can deeply impact the lives of teenagers, hindering their emotional well-being and overall growth. Recognizing the signs, understanding the causes, and finding the right treatment is crucial. At BNI Treatment Centers, we specialize in helping teens overcome PTSD through comprehensive and compassionate care.

BNI Treatment Centers offer teen residential treatment for mental and behavioral health. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about how we can help.

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Parent & Family Support

At our mental health treatment center for teens, we understand how difficult this time is for the parents and families of a struggling teen. Our therapeutic and clinical team will provide therapeutic support and guidance for the family unit during the entire process.


Understanding Teen PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severe mental health condition that can affect teenagers who have experienced traumatic events. Understanding the signs, symptoms, and causes of teen PTSD is essential for early detection and effective intervention.


  • Recurrent Flashbacks: Teens with PTSD may experience vivid, distressing memories of the traumatic event, causing them to relive the experience repeatedly.
  • Nightmares and Sleep Disturbances: Persistent nightmares related to the trauma can disrupt a teenager’s sleep, leading to fatigue and irritability during the day.
  • Avoidance Behavior: Teens with PTSD often avoid places, people, or activities that remind them of the traumatic event, leading to social withdrawal and isolation.
  • Hyperarousal: Teens may become easily startled, irritable, or have difficulty concentrating. They might also suffer from a constant sense of impending danger.
  • Negative Changes in Thinking and Mood: This includes feelings of guilt, shame, or hopelessness. Teens might lose interest in activities they once enjoyed and have difficulty experiencing positive emotions.

Changes in Reactivity: Teens with PTSD might display reckless or self-destructive behavior. They might struggle with anger management and have outbursts of anger or aggression.

  • Traumatic Events: Teen PTSD often stems from experiences like physical or sexual abuse, accidents, natural disasters, bullying, or witnessing violence.
  • Loss or Separation: The death of a loved one, parental divorce, or separation can be profoundly traumatic for teenagers, leading to PTSD symptoms.
  • Combat or War Exposure: Teens with family members in the military or those living in conflict zones may develop PTSD due to exposure to combat situations or war-related events.
  • Medical Trauma: Serious illnesses, surgeries, or medical procedures can traumatize teens, especially if they involve a life-threatening situation.

Accidents and Injuries: Severe accidents or injuries, such as car crashes or falls, can lead to PTSD, especially if the teen feels their life was in danger.

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Our Approach to Mental Health Treatment

BNI Treatment adopts a holistic approach to teen PTSD, recognizing the interconnection between mental health and substance abuse issues. Our dual diagnosis program addresses both aspects, ensuring a comprehensive recovery. By understanding the unique challenges teens face, our expert clinicians tailor therapies to address co-occurring conditions effectively.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Upon admission, each teen undergoes a thorough assessment conducted by a team of experienced mental health professionals. This assessment helps in understanding the specific triggers, symptoms, and underlying issues related to PTSD.

Based on the assessment results, a customized treatment plan is developed for each teen. These plans are tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by the individual, ensuring that the treatment approach is highly personalized.

Residential Treatment

In our residential treatment program, teens find a supportive environment where they can heal under 24/7 supervision. Our experienced staff provides personalized therapeutic interventions, empowering teens to confront and overcome their trauma. The structured routine, combined with therapeutic activities, promotes emotional stability and resilience.

When it comes to addressing teen PTSD, residential mental health treatment can provide a comprehensive and structured environment where teenagers can receive intensive care and support. Residential programs are especially beneficial for teens struggling with severe PTSD symptoms that significantly impact their daily lives. Here’s an overview of the residential mental health treatment options tailored to address teen PTSD at BNI Treatment Centers.

Residential programs at BNI Treatment Centers utilize evidence-based therapies proven effective in treating PTSD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are among the therapies used to help teens process trauma and develop coping strategies.

Educational Support

Teens in residential programs continue their education through specially designed programs. Education is balanced with therapy, ensuring that academic progress is maintained while focusing on emotional healing. At BNI Treatment Centers, our academic support options are designed with your child’s needs in mind.

Recreation and Expressive Therapies

Engaging in recreational activities and expressive therapies such as art, music, and yoga provides teens with healthy outlets to express their emotions and build self-esteem. These activities also promote relaxation and overall well-being.

Outpatient and PHP Treatment

For teens who require a more flexible approach, our outpatient treatment option allows them to receive specialized therapy while maintaining their daily routines. We offer evidence-based therapies, individual counseling, and group sessions, ensuring consistent progress and a smooth transition back into their regular lives.

Family therapy sessions are integral to the treatment process. Involving families helps in enhancing communication, rebuilding trust, and creating a supportive home environment, crucial for the teen’s ongoing recovery after leaving the residential program.

Group therapy sessions provide teens with the opportunity to connect with peers who have had similar experiences. Sharing and listening to others’ stories in a safe, supportive environment can be incredibly therapeutic and reduce feelings of isolation.

Aftercare Planning

As the residential program nears completion, a comprehensive aftercare plan is developed. This plan includes outpatient therapy, support groups, and continued family involvement to ensure that the progress made during the residential program is sustained in the teen’s everyday life.

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    Teen PTSD Therapy For Your Needs

    At BNI Treatment, our licensed therapists specialize in teen PTSD therapy. Through evidence-based approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and expressive therapies, we guide teens toward healing. Our therapists create a safe space for teens to explore their feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

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    Embracing Hope and Recovery

    Teen PTSD can be overwhelming, but with the right treatment, healing is possible. At BNI Treatment, we are dedicated to helping teens reclaim their lives from the grip of PTSD. Our tailored programs, compassionate staff, and evidence-based therapies provide the support needed for lasting recovery. If your teen is struggling, don’t wait—reach out to BNI Treatment and embark on the journey toward healing together.

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