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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment in Teens

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a complex mental health disorder than often emerges in childhood or early teen years. The disorder can manifest itself in thoughts and behaviors that are disruptive to the teen’s daily activities and concerning to parents. When the OCD disorder becomes unmanageable, even under the care of a psychiatrist, then residential OCD treatment for teens might be the next step in appropriate interventions.

OCD is a psychological disorder within the anxiety spectrum of mental health disorders that impacts about half a million children or adolescents annually. Pediatric onset OCD is association with a higher risk of developing other mental health disorders in adulthood. Unfortunately, youth-onset OCD is often undetected or diagnosed for years before a proper diagnosis is made. This delay in treatment can result in years of suffering and embarrassment as the teen attempts to hide the symptoms from others.

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    Creating an Oppositional Defiant Disorder Treatment Plan for Teens

    When a parent suspects their teen might have OCD the first stop will be the primary care provider who can first rule out any medical condition that may be attributed to the symptoms. They may order labs to check thyroid function and other screenings. If no health condition is responsible, then the doctor will refer the teen to a psychiatrist for a psychological evaluation.

    OCD can cause a teen to experience unsettling and intrusive thoughts, called obsessions, which trigger ritualistic, repetitive behaviors, called compulsions, in response to the thoughts. In this ongoing cycle of obsessive thinking and subsequent repetitive behaviors, the teen can become so enmeshed in the symptoms that they become frozen, unable to move forward with usual activities. While teen OCD presents a significant mental health challenge, the condition can be managed through a multimodal approach to treatment. It is important to locate a mental health provider who has experience treating kids or teens with OCD. If symptoms continue to deteriorate regardless of outpatient efforts, a residential program is an appropriate level of care.

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