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Academic Support During Treatment at BNI Treatment Centers

When it becomes necessary for a teen to take a period of time out from school and extracurricular activities to focus on getting treatment for a mental health disorder, substance use disorder, or a dual diagnosis, there is often concern about falling behind academically.  While seeking treatment is the top priority, it is also important that an extended absence from school does not negatively impact the teen’s academic progress. 

When a teen starts to show signs of struggling at school or falling behind on their work, it may be a sign of an underlying mental health concern. Depression, anxiety, trauma, or Bipolar Disorder are examples of mental health conditions that have the ability to have an adverse effect on a teen’s ability to meet school obligations. BNI Treatment Centers’ academic support addresses these concerns therapeutically, ensuring our clients are able to overcome their mental health and receive a fulfilling education.

The clinical staff at BNI Treatment Centers understands the importance of a student’s ability to keep up with schoolwork while in treatment.  For this reason, a defined academic support structure is in place to facilitate the student’s school assignments while a resident at BNI Treatment Centers.


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During the residential treatment period, the adolescent will continue to engage in their studies through a coordinated effort between the school representatives, BNI’s Academic Support staff, the parents, and the student.  Schools are accustomed to providing a student’s syllabi and assignments through the academic counselors or other administration officials.  While each school’s policies are unique, there are typically allowances made by the teachers for students who are legitimately excused for health-related purposes, including longer due date windows and the opportunity to make up missed exams if necessary.  The BNI case management and treatment team will work with the school representatives and parents in coordinating schoolwork and delivering the completed assignments.

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During treatment the student may require additional assistance with their schoolwork.  To aid with this, BNI Treatment Centers provides on-site tutors as well as computer stations for the teen’s school use while in treatment.  By providing these services the teen will not fall significantly behind their peers and can return to school and join their classes with confidence.

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    At BNI Treatment Centers, our program schedule includes dedicated school time every day for students with the help of an onsite tutor. That way, our clients can focus on their personal well-being without having to worry about falling behind on their education.

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