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What to Expect at our Lobo location

BNI Treatment for Teens & Adolescents offers a high-quality, world-class experience at our Agoura Hills, California residential facility.

BNI Treatment’s residential facility for teens in Agoura Hills, CA provides a safe and supportive environment for adolescents struggling with mental health or behavioral healthcare issues. The facility offers a comprehensive range of services, including individual and group therapy, academic support, and life skills training. The experienced staff members are dedicated to helping teens overcome their challenges and develop the skills needed to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

The facility is located in a peaceful, natural setting, surrounded by mountains and just a short drive from the beaches of Malibu. The serene environment and comfortable living quarters help patients feel relaxed and at ease, while the structure and routine of the program provide a sense of stability.

Addiction Treatment

At our residential treatment facility in Agoura Hills, we provide a variety of substance use disorder treatments and services. Our psychiatrist-led team works closely with your teen, addressing their specific recovery needs, and working with them every step toward recovery. Several areas we treat include:

When it comes to opioid treatment, our clinically trained psychiatrists are instrumental in recovery outcomes. By staying directly in the treatment process, they address any medication or healthcare needs your teen might encounter.

We take a comprehensive approach to all substance use disorders, and cocaine treatment is no different. From cognitive behavioral therapy from trained clinicians to medically assisted treatment from our psychiatrists, your teen will receive the care they need.

While less common than some other illicit substances, in 2021 roughly 1% of adolescents reported use of benzodiazepine. At BNI, we offer benzodiazepine treatment.

Generally, the most effective treatments for methamphetamines are behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and contingency management. Our psychiatrist-led team provides both of these and any other treatments that may suit your teen’s needs.

The California Department of Education reports that 1-in-6 teens have used prescription medications to get high. Our team offers specific therapy focused on prescription drug treatments, helping your teen toward recovery.

Alcohol Rehab

At BNI in Agoura Hills Lobo, we provide world-class alcohol rehab treatment. Our clinical psychiatrists and 24/7 nursing staff are there to help with medical detox or any other needs. Our residential program equips your teen with the tools and environment they need to safely and effectively recover.

If you’d like to know more about our substance use disorder treatment services, please contact us today at (888)-522-1504, or through our Contact Page.

Lobo Facility in Agoura Hills

Our Amenities Include:

When you choose BNI Treatment Center your teen can expect:

Mental Health Services

We are owned and operated by doctors who specialize in treating the mental health challenges our clients face. Our clinical psychiatrists lead our teams and are involved in every detail of your teen’s treatment. We provide world-class mental health care, able to help our clients through even highly complex mental health disorders. Some of the mental health disorders we treat include:

Anxiety disorders increase the likelihood of self-medication and substance use, and if untreated can reduce recovery outcomes.

Depression is frequently a co-occurring disorder with addiction and is important to address in any recovery program.

Untreated ADHD can increase the risk of substance use, as your teen may turn to self-medication to help focus or reduce their stress.

Effective treatment of mood disorders can help stabilize mood, reducing the risk and triggers of returning to substance use.

Our specialized focus on psychiatric health enables us to both help your teen on their path toward recovery and treat any underlying bipolar disorder.

We offer a variety of options for borderline personality treatment, including one of the most effective, dialectical behavioral therapy.

Our science-backed approach teaches your teen the skills they need to recover, and gain control of their behavior and life.

Our treatments for Oppositional Defiant Disorder include talk therapy, alongside work building both social and emotion-regulation skills.

Many teens have self-esteem issues, and our treatment plans focus on helping build your teen’s confidence and sense of self-worth.

If left untreated, compulsive lying can make treatment for substance use difficult or impossible, as the adolescent may lie about their progress or effort in the program.

Traumatic events can trigger substance use and are important to address in any recovery plan.

With technology increasingly present, video game addiction is a concern many parents face, and one our team is equipped to address.

Many teens live with body image issues, and if left unaddressed these can cause problems with any recovery effort.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

When addiction and other mental health disorders occur at the same time, this is known as having “co-occurring disorders” or a “dual-disorder diagnosis”. Recovery becomes much more complex when co-occurring disorders are involved, and require specialist care to treat. Anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health conditions don’t only affect your teen emotionally, they can make traditional treatment less effective.

That’s why at BNI Treatment Centers, our teams are led by our psychiatrists. This enables us to provide treatment for highly complex and co-occurring disorders. We work tirelessly to treat underlying mental health conditions alongside any substance use disorders. Our expertise in working with teens offers unique insights into their challenges. At Agoura Hills Lobo, we provide a path toward recovery, ensuring that teens progress in all areas of life.

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