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I honestly don't know where we would be without BNI. Our daughter had already been to 2 treatment centers before and they didn't seem to help at all. We were so skeptical about doing treatment yet again, but she was in such a bad dark place with her mental health, we had no choice. Thank God we found BNI!! The level of care she received there was unlike anything we'd experienced before. Her therapist was amazing, she really got to the root of her issues. And her psychiatrist was absolutely incredible. We had so many questions and concerns but could never seem to get answers from psychiatrists at previous treatment centers. Here, the doctor was extremely responsive and answered all of our (many many) questions.

In the time she's been home she's doing absolutely amazing!! She's happier than I've seen her in years, attending school regularly, participating in extra curriculars again, doing great work in therapy, and our family feels whole again. Thank you BNI from the bottom of my heart!!!

Loved One

I don't have the space here to say everything I want about how spectacular BNI is. Their professionalism, courtesy, and expertise were off the charts. Most importantly, they really truly cared about our child and our family. If you as a parent are in the same position we were, I absolutely implore you to reach out to BNI.

Loved One

BNI Treatment Centers is a high quality and highly professional treatment center specializing in teens. The owners are both Doctors specializing in the treatment of adolescents mental health, behavioral issues, and also substances abuse. Highly recommend.

Loved One

BNI is hands-down the best therapy and psychiatry in the 2.5 years of our daughter’s mental health treatment journey. She entered BNI very unstable and exhibiting dangerous behaviors, including self-harming and suicidal behaviors. With the treatment at BNI, she made what she calls a ‘u-turn’ and has now gone over 3 months without harming and suicide attempts. We truly believe BNI saved her life. There were some administrative hiccups that caused frustration, but the exceptional treatment far outweighed those.

Loved One

If you have an adolescent with addiction , there is no better care than BNI. They are head and shoulders above any other treatment facility. They care for the “whole” child. The medically surpervised detox being the FIRST order of business, your child can detox , they can’t do it on their own , f d ont believe your child if they say they quit on their own. It’s impossible. Especially if it’s an opioid addiction . If your insurance pays for this program, admit your child . You can have peace of mind, , your child is well cared for.

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