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Parents are often stymied by their teen’s emotional struggles, not knowing what to do to help them.  A teen suffering from serious depression or anxiety disorders may be helped to some degree on an outpatient basis through a family doctor, but at some point they may need a more intensive therapeutic intervention such as can be found in inpatient therapy for teens.  These inpatient programs provide a much more individualized and targeted treatment strategy for helping the teen face the mental health challenge and overcome it.

What is Inpatient Therapy for Teens?

Inpatient, or residential psychiatric care, and therapy for teens involves the highest treatment intervention for adolescents struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders.  Because the teen will reside at the treatment center for a period of time, they can avoid the triggers and stressors that might otherwise distract them from targeted treatment.  Inpatient therapy offers a better opportunity for the therapists to really connect with the teen, to get to know them as a unique individual.  This enhances the therapist/teen relationship and leads to lasting therapeutic benefits. Each teen will have an individualized path to recovery from a mental health disorder, so a multi-pronged treatment plan that includes the types of activities that will resonate with that particular teen is most effective.  Because of the central role of family and the family dynamic in a teenager’s life, a family therapy component is also beneficial i inpatient therapy for teens.  Medication may be indicated for the teen, depending on the psychiatric evaluation and medical assessment.

What Kinds of Mental Health Disorders Can Be Helped in Inpatient Therapy?

A residential treatment program for teens with mental health conditions will usually include treatment for such mental health disorders as:

Teen Depression

A teen who has been exhibiting symptoms of depression for an extended period of time, symptoms such as a sense of hopelessness and despair, withdrawing from family and friends, changes in eating and sleep habits, extreme fatigue, loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, unexplained physical complaints, and a generally sad demeanor, need to receive professional help.  Teen depression can be caused by a variety of reasons, including grief over a lost loved one, divorce, social problems, bullying at school, feelings of inadequacy, body image issues, a traumatic event, or even a family history of depression.

Teen Anxiety

A teen who is in the perpetual grip of fear or compulsive behaviors may exhibit signs that point to a clinical anxiety disorder.  These signs might include obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts, panic attacks, unreasonable fear of a person, place or thing, being frozen due to fear-based memories of a traumatic event, avoidance of social events or interactions, and indicate a need for professional intervention.  Teen anxiety can be the result of brain chemistry imbalance, past abuse or trauma, a sense of powerlessness, hormonal shifts, social pressures, and genetics. Treatment for depression and anxiety, or any mental health disorder, will involve a blend of individual psychotherapy, group therapy, medication management, family program, activities that reduce stress and promote relaxation, and other experiential activities that augment the effects of therapy.

BNI Treatment Centers Provide Expert Inpatient Therapy for Teens With Mental Health Conditions

BNI Treatment Centers is an addiction medicine specialist and physician owned and operated Los Angeles-based residential treatment program for teens ages 12-17.  BNI offers the most effective, evidence-based treatment modalities for teens with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.  These include traditional psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy, as well as a multi-disciplinary menu of adjunct therapies.  These include:
  • Surf therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Drama therapy
  • Music and dance therapy
  • Meditation therapy
For more information about the program, please contact BNI Treatment Centers today at (888) 522-1504.
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