Cough Syrup Abuse

Cough Syrup Teenage Drug Abuse and Treatment

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Purple is an edgy hue that has long been associated with music. From the 70s hard rock days when the color helped name the band, Deep Purple, and Jimi Hendrix’s famous song, Purple Haze, to Prince’s 1984-era chart topper, Purple Rain; purple…
Adolescent Detox Centers

Adolescent Detox Centers for Teen Substance Abuse

Nothing is more disheartening to a parent than to see their teen son or daughter spiraling into addiction. Parents may envision their child’s future being compromised, even devastated, by the fallout of a substance abuse problem. Eventually,…
Adolescent Rehab California

Adolescent Rehab California Substance Abuse Treatment

If there is one thing that the majority of teenagers do not possess it is the ability to look at the long-term effects of their behaviors and choices.  For a teen, the here and now is top priority with the big picture ignored, often to their…