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Learn About Dealing with an Out of Control Teen

Parents at the end of their rope may throw up their hands in utter defeat. Their teen is out of control and nothing the parents do seems to change that. Maybe the teen is defying all the rules at home and school, is messing with substance abuse, or is a chronic truant. Parents just no longer know what to do or how to proceed. They may even ask, where can I send my out of control teenager?

When it appears that no matter what the parents try to do to rein in their teen, they begin to seek a solution. If the teen has wreaked havoc at home, causing ending family distress, some parents chose to send the teen away. They begin searching for some treatment solutions for their troubled child.

What Causes an Out of Control Teen?

In most cases, the teen did not just suddenly become a problem. There were likely to be early signs, even in childhood that pointed to future trouble. For instance, kids who struggle with learning disorders or ADHD may develop an oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder. Over time the instability may result in a teenager that is out of control.

On the other hand, some troubled teens are greatly affected by a divorce, abuse, or the death of a parent. These negative life events can trigger emotions that cause the teen to begin acting out. For some teens, it is failing at school that can be the catalyst. Others still may be affected by a parent’s mental illness or substance disorder. There are many possible reasons that could cause a teen to become a problem.

Warning Signs of an Out of Control Teenager

Parents may be at their wit’s end trying to figure out what is wrong with their teens. It is very sad for parents who had done a good job parenting and had hopes and dreams for their child. To see their teen out of control can make a parent feel so helpless, as they no longer know how to handle the child.

Get to know the types of behaviors that can signal trouble down the road:

  1. The teen shows no regard for the family members. His or her behaviors may even put his family members at risk.
  2. The teen is openly rebellious. He or she refuses to abide by any rules or boundaries.
  3. The teen shows signs of depression. This can lead to isolating behaviors.
  4. The teen threatens suicide or engages in self-harm.
  5. Even after extensive therapy the teen only gets worse.
  6. The teen displays severe mood swings.
  7. They lose their care for the consequences of their actions and lack empathy.
  8. The teen mistreats animals or children.
  9. They are engaging in illegal actions.
  10. The teen is engaging in substance use.

All of these warning signs are predictive of serious problems ahead. Find a program or school that can help teach the teen to respect authority.

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Where Can I Send My Out of Control Teenager?

Treatment Options for an Out of Control Teen

Eventually, parents who have reached their limit may seek a solution that involves transitioning the teen to a program away from home. This is a hard decision to make, but it is good to know what choices are available.

Residential Treatment Programs

A residential teen treatment program allows the needed time for the teen to work on his or her issues. Being able to step away from the triggers or stressors can help them focus on making changes.

The teen would reside at the treatment center for an extended time. These teen programs blend mental health treatment with tutoring. During their stay, they will engage in the following:

  • One-to-one therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. Therapy allows the teen to share any problems or issues that might be driving the defiant behavior. Therapies such as CBT, DBT, and solutions-focused therapy help them change their patterns of thoughts and actions.
  • Family therapy. During the family sessions, the family members join in on the assignments that guide them through issues with their teen.
  • Peer group sessions. Small groups of other teens gather to discuss issues and topics related to their problems.
  • Experiential therapy. Teens enjoy working through their emotions via active participation. This can be art therapy, yoga, hiking, or outdoor sports.
  • Schooling. Academic support is provided to the teens while they are in the program.

Other Types of Programs

Wilderness Programs: Teen wilderness programs take a unique approach to help troubled teens. These wilderness camps are designed to teach teens how to take care of themselves and also instill discipline.

The camps are located out in the middle of nowhere so there is no exposure to the culture. No cell phones or laptops are allowed. The programs teach kids to cook for themselves and earn their comfort with good behavior. They also receive therapy.

Boarding Schools. A boarding school is a residential school setting. The schools are gender specific. Boarding schools tend to emphasize strict discipline. They also have some of the top academic programs in the country.

Boot Camps. Teen boot camps are programs designed for teens that are out of control and in need of structure in their life. They are based on a military-type model. They feature military codes and rules. Boot camps require teens to engage in intense physical activities and exercise.

You can see there are some good options out there for your teen. They each have their own pros and cons, so each parent can pick what’s best for their teen.

BNI Treatment Centers Residential Teen Mental Health Boarding School

BNI Treatment Centers provide inpatient care for troubled teens. This integrated program combines mental health treatment with tutoring support. This allows the teen to receive the treatment they need while still keeping up with academics.

Parents enjoy knowing their teen is in good hands while working through their issues. For any questions about where I can send my out of control teenager and about the program, please contact us today at (888) 522-1504.

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