skipping school

My Teen is Skipping School

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Having a kid that puts up a fuss about going to school is nothing new for parents. However, the hard reality teens must face is that going to school is compulsory in our country. Still, some teens simply do not want to abide by the attendance…
when should a teenager see a therapist

When Should a Teenager See a Therapist?

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Parents are often surprised when their once agreeable child becomes a surly, moody teenager. A certain amount of emotional strife is normal during the teen years, but when should a teenager see a therapist? Today’s teens are experiencing…
anxiety symptoms in teens

Anxiety Symptoms in Teens

Does your teenager show signs of anxiety? Do you see your son or daughter avoiding social situations and isolating more? Are they more irritable and struggling with sleep? Get to know the anxiety symptoms in teens so you can guide them toward…
manipulative teenager

How to Deal With a Manipulative Teenager

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Signs of Manipulative Behavior in Teens During the teen years, young people become focused on their quest to become autonomous adults. As they start testing their parents more, they may also adopt some tactics to achieve their desired freedoms.…
how does social media affect teens

How Does Social Media Affect Teens

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Teens attached to their smartphones and social media is a ubiquitous sight in the era of modern technology. As much as parents would love to prevent their teens from spending so much time on their social media feeds, it is an uphill battle.…
therapeutic boarding schools

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Not the Best Option for a Troubled Teen

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When behavior problems or mental health issues interfere with a teen’s academic progress, he or she may benefit from a residential program that will help them get back on track. Here we compare two treatment options: residential treatment…
boot camp for troubled teens

Have a Troubled Teen? Think Twice Before Considering a Boot Camp. Review Alternatives.

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Consider a Residential Treatment Center Instead of a Boot Camp For Teenagers Before signing your teen up, learn about the drawbacks of teen boot camps. Most of us can recall the news stories about abusive, militant boot camps for teens a…
student stress

What Causes Student Stress?

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With intense pressure to get into a good college, it is no surprise that student stress is on the rise. Starting with the millennial generation and now Gen Z, college-bound students are feeling more and more pressure. Not only are students…
i dont fit in

What to Do When Your Teen Says, “I Don’t Fit In”

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Your teenage son or daughter may struggle socially, and complains, “I don’t fit it.” If your teen is have problems making or keeping friends, there is help available. The teen years are a time when social and relationship skills are…
common mental health problems in teens

Common Mental Health Problems in Teens and Ways to Help Them

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What Mental Health Issues Affect Teenagers? Anxiety and depression continue to be the most common mental health problems in teens. Learn about the symptoms of these mental health disorders and how to get help for your teen. Teens are surely…