teenage bullying

Teenage Bullying and Mental Health

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Nothing is so heartbreaking to parents as seeing their child bullied by his or her peers. Today’s bullying on social media reaches far beyond the school setting. Teenage bullying can leave deep emotional wounds, leading to an array of problems…
how to survive high school with social anxiety

How to Survive High School With Social Anxiety

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High school is all about socializing. Finding new friends, joining clubs, and attending events are high points that most teens enjoy. Teens who suffer from social anxiety, however, are terrified of social situations and will avoid them at all…
anxiety symptoms in teens

Anxiety Symptoms in Teens

Does your teenager show signs of anxiety? Do you see your son or daughter avoiding social situations and isolating more? Are they more irritable and struggling with sleep? Get to know the anxiety symptoms in teens so you can guide them toward…
student stress

What Causes Student Stress?

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With intense pressure to get into a good college, it is no surprise that student stress is on the rise. Starting with the millennial generation and now Gen Z, college-bound students are feeling more and more pressure. Not only are students…
common mental health problems in teens

Common Mental Health Problems in Teens and Ways to Help Them

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What Mental Health Issues Affect Teenagers? Anxiety and depression continue to be the most common mental health problems in teens. Learn about the symptoms of these mental health disorders and how to get help for your teen. Teens are surely…
school anxiety

Help For Teens Who Experience School Anxiety

School can be a source of great anxiety for teens The teen years are a stressful chapter of life, hands down. Kids in this age group are on the way to adulthood, feeling both fear and joy about the turn of events. Becoming an adult can seem…
teen issues today

Teenage Issues Today and Mental Health

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What Challenges Do Teenagers Face Today? Oh the teen years! While they have always been a challenge to parents, teen issues are much more intense these days. Gen Z, the current crop of teens, is grappling with a quickly shifting culture. Tech…
How to Help a Suicidal Teenager

How to Help a Suicidal Teen

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The teenage years have always been trying. Adolescence has perennially been an emotionally challenging developmental stage, due to hormone fluctuations, social struggles, increasing academic pressure, and shaky self-esteem. Teen brains are still…
psychiatric treatment teens

Los Angeles Psychiatric Residential Treatment Teens

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No one wants to see their teen move forward toward a successful, fulfilling life more than his or her own family. Parents and siblings may have watched the teen grow from a child, full of promise and enthusiasm for life, into an adolescent where…
teen self harm

Teenage Depression and Self Harm

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Parents of teens who engage in self-harming behaviors usually had no clue that it was going on. Teens who do self-harm are usually discreet about these practices, hiding the signs of self-injury under long sleeve shirts and pants. But many parents…