Dangers of Teens Binge Drinking

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The fact that many teens abuse alcohol is not a new development. This age group has always pushed boundaries and experimented with substances. Still, how do parents inform their kids of the dangers of teen binge drinking? Few teens are aware…
adderall side effects in teens

Adderall Side Effects in Teens

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What Does Adderall Do To A Teenager? Learn about the Adderall side effects in teens, and how to recognize addiction to prescription stimulants. If you’re the parent of a teen you are likely aware of the common abuse of the prescription…
signs your teenager is smoking cigarettes

Signs Your Teenager is Smoking Cigarettes

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How To Know if a Teen is Smoking Learn the signs of your teenager smoking cigarettes so you can guide them away from this dangerous habit early on. Did you know that 90% of smokers begin using tobacco before the age of 19? It is a fact that…
teen addiction and drug abuse

Teen Addiction and Drug Abuse

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Teenage Drug Abuse And Addiction Teen addiction and drug abuse is a serious issue that can lead to long-term problems. Learn about the signs of teen drug abuse and getting treatment for teen addiction. The teen years are notorious for drug…
teenage cell phone addiction

What to Do About Teenage Cell Phone Addiction

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Teenage cell phone addiction disrupts family time, social time, and study time. For a teen, having a cell phone is like being a kid in a candy store. With app stores offering a never-ending array of options, it is easy to see how teens get…
teen vaping marijuana

Why Parents Are Concerned About Teens Vaping Marijuana

Parents are increasingly concerned about their teen’s vaping habits Parents were already worried about their teen vaping nicotine. In fact, vaping has increased to record numbers among teens in recent years. Now with the growing trend of…
teen marijuana abuse

The Dangers of Teen Marijuana Abuse

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Teen Cannabis Use Can Have Serious Effects. Learn About Teen Marijuana Abuse and Risks. It is very hard to be a parent of teens in any era, much less modern times. But one constant problem has seemed to persist for decades—teens and marijuana…
should you drug test your teenager

Should You Drug Test Your Teenager?

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Raising teenagers is not for the faint of heart. It is rife with so many challenges, that it might be tempting to take advantage of any tool that might alleviate a source of worry or stress. So when it comes to monitoring your teen for potential…
teens and alcohol

What to Do When you Find Alcohol in your Teen’s Room

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Why Do Teenagers Drink Alcohol? So, you are putting away your teen’s laundry when you happen upon their stash of vodka hidden in the sock drawer. Stumbling onto a teenager’s hidden alcohol can be an extremely distressing event for a parent.…
Signs of Heroin Abuse in Teens

Signs of Heroin Abuse in Teens

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One of the most troubling statistics about the resurgence of heroin abuse in recent years is the rise in teens who dabble in prescription opioids and then find themselves using heroin when the cost of the opioid becomes untenable. According…