teen addiction and drug abuse

Teen Addiction and Drug Abuse

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Teenage Drug Abuse And Addiction Teen addiction and drug abuse is a serious issue that can lead to long-term problems. Learn about the signs of teen drug abuse and getting treatment for teen addiction. The teen years are notorious for drug…
depressed teenager won't get out of bed

When a Depressed Teenager Won’t Get Out of Bed

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Your Depressed Teenager Won’t Get Out of Bed. Now What? It is hard for a parent to admit that something is not right with their child. Sure, when the teen years hit it is very common to notice an increase in moodiness and drama. But when…
teen recovery center

Teen Recovery Center

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Learn about teen recovery centers for inpatient mental health treatment. When a teen appears to have a mental health challenge it can really cause parents to worry. Parents feel somewhat helpless when they witness their son or daughter struggling…
boot camp for troubled teens

Boot Camp for Troubled Teens

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Can boot camp help troubled teens get back on track? Most of us recall the horror stories about militant boot camps for teens back in the 90s. The kids were abused and punished while living in awful conditions, all in the name of building character.…
How to Deal with Teenage Angst

How to Deal with Teenage Angst

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Parents, learn some tips for coping with your teenager’s angst. Just when a parent thinks they have seen it all, their teen has the meltdown to beat all others. Teenage angst is that intense emotional state that is well known among parents.…
How to Calm Down an Angry Teenager

How to Calm Down an Angry Teenager

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Learn how to diffuse anger when your teen explodes. Anyone living with a teen has seen an angry outburst up close. They may stomp up the stairs and slam the door while yelling at the top of their lungs. These outbursts are not foreign to parents…
teenage runway laws

What Are Teenage Runaway Laws?

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Almost 9% of teens in the U.S. run away from home each year. Learn about California runaway laws. Parents that are raising teens know all about the drama that comes with this chapter of childhood. While finding their way toward adulthood,…
school anxiety

Help For Teens Who Experience School Anxiety

School can be a source of great anxiety for teens The teen years are a stressful chapter of life, hands down. Kids in this age group are on the way to adulthood, feeling both fear and joy about the turn of events. Becoming an adult can seem…
teen marijuana abuse

The Dangers of Teen Marijuana Abuse

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Teen Cannabis Use Can Have Serious Effects. Learn About Teen Marijuana Abuse and Risks. It is very hard to be a parent of teens in any era, much less modern times. But one constant problem has seemed to persist for decades—teens and marijuana…
How to Deal with a Teenager That Doesn't Care

How to Deal with a Teenager That Doesn’t Care

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A blank stare, a dismissive look says it all. Your teen just doesn’t care. Nothing you say sinks in and nothing you do sparks any change. Is it defiance, or is it depression? Many parents may wonder how to deal with a teenager that doesn't…