red flags in teenage behavior

What Are the Red Flags in Teenage Behavior?

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When a child morphs into a teen, parents know they need to buckle up. The teen years are an emotional roller coaster ride from which few parents are spared. Adolescence is often rife with moodiness, angry outbursts, social struggles, and pushback…
how to survive high school with social anxiety

How to Survive High School With Social Anxiety

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High school is all about socializing. Finding new friends, joining clubs, and attending events are high points that most teens enjoy. Teens who suffer from social anxiety, however, are terrified of social situations and will avoid them at all…
how does social media affect teens

How Does Social Media Affect Teens

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Teens attached to their smartphones and social media is a ubiquitous sight in the era of modern technology. As much as parents would love to prevent their teens from spending so much time on their social media feeds, it is an uphill battle.…
i dont fit in

What to Do When Your Teen Says, “I Don’t Fit In”

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Your teenage son or daughter may struggle socially, and complains, “I don’t fit it.” If your teen is have problems making or keeping friends, there is help available. The teen years are a time when social and relationship skills are…
teenage cell phone addiction

What to Do About Teenage Cell Phone Addiction

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Teenage cell phone addiction disrupts family time, social time, and study time. For a teen, having a cell phone is like being a kid in a candy store. With app stores offering a never-ending array of options, it is easy to see how teens get…
How to Help a Teenager With Low Self Esteem

How to Help a Teenager With Low Self Esteem

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As adults, we have enough miles on our tires to realize the importance of having a healthy self-esteem. We know that to succeed in our careers, or any endeavor we care about, we need a positive sense of self-worth that will fuel our efforts.…