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Understanding Teenage Girl Mental Illness and Treatment Options

Teen girls struggle with a mental health disorder, especially mood disorders, at double the rate as boys, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Teenage girl mental illness tends to appear most in depressive disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harming behaviors. Other types of mental illness, such as borderline personality disorder and bipolar […]

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Depression in Teen Boys

When it comes to teen depression, most of the attention about this serious mental health disorder has been directed towards girls. While true that girl teens struggle with depression in greater numbers than boys, boys are more inclined to choose an impulsive solution for the disorder, including suicide. Among teens that do complete suicide, the […]

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Body Dysmorphia in Teens

Usually beginning in early adolescence, a heightened sensitivity to appearance sets in. This is the age that young teens become hyper aware of what the culture has determined constitutes physical attractiveness. The early teen years are a vulnerable time anyway, with emotions running high and social drama defining the days. The added stress of attempting […]

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Types of Mental Illness in Teens

When your child is hurting, you hurt right along with them. Parents with teens who struggle with mental health disorders are often aghast at the effects of the illness and feel completely hopeless in knowing how to help their child. Teens with mental disorders suffer on many fronts, including being ostracized or bullied at school […]

BNI Treatment Centers and Las Encinas Host Lunch N Learn and Networking Event

Lunch & Learn Networking Event BNI Treatment Centers and Las Encinas Hospital Co-Host Las Encinas Hospital and BNI Treatment Centers (BNI) will be co-hosting a Lunch N Learn and Networking event to provide a forum for mental health and adjunct professionals in related fields to join together. The event will promote learning, discussion, and partnership around the topic of […]