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Depression Test for Teens

As if parents didn’t have enough to worry about in 2020, early data is revealing the impact of the pandemic on their teenagers’ mental health. Teen depression, in particular, has garnered the spotlight in a recent news article from NPR. Depression rates had already been on the rise prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, but are […]

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Teenage Anger and Depression

Because parents have a deep love for their children, it is difficult to acknowledge signs that something is not right with their teenager. Falling back on memories of their own angst-ridden adolescence to explain troubling moods and behaviors expressed by their teenager, parents prefer to accept such changes as normal for the age. The statistics […]

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Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools in California

When behavior problems or mental health issues interfere with a teen’s academic progress they may benefit from a residential therapeutic boarding school. These are specialized programs that help adolescents better manage their emotional challenges while moving forward scholastically. To achieve this end will entail a combination of psychological support and a dedicated academic support team. […]


Conduct Disorder in Teens

Conduct disorder in teens is a highly disruptive mental health condition that can significantly interfere with relationships, the school experience, and connection to community. Featuring a pattern of behaviors that involve aggression, bullying, rule violation, and destruction to property, conduct disorder presents serious challenges. If your teen has been diagnosed with conduct disorder, he or […]